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Senior Whole Health is here to help.

Senior Whole Health NHC (HMO SNP) is a Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan that helps you and your loved one. We understand the challenges and concerns you face every day as a caregiver. At Senior Whole Health, we help care for our members so that they can live independently at home.

Senior Whole Health members get all MassHealth & Medicare benefits, and their Medicare Prescription Part D plan, plus more. And, all at no cost!

Benefits Include:

  • $0 co-pays for all covered services
  • $0 prescription and over-the-counter drugs
  • Healthy You Card to buy certain over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and health-related items (up to $100 quarterly, up to $400 yearly)
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments (limitations apply)
  • 24/7 phone access to a Senior Whole Health Nurse Care Manager
  • Senior Whole Health Personal Care Team who help members receive quality medical, social and community based services
  • Access to Senior Whole Health staff or interpreter that speak your language

Who can join?

Senior Whole Health NHC (HMO SNP) is designed for members who receive home and community-based support services because they have functional deficits. These services help persons who normally qualify for a nursing home (Nursing Home Certifiable) to remain safely at home.

Your loved one is eligible for membership in our plan if:
  • They are 65 years old or older; and
  • Have both Medicare Part A and B, and MassHealth Medicaid eligibility; and
  • Live in Bristol, Essex, Hampden, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk or Worcester county.
Your loved one is NOT eligible to enroll if:
  • They do not meet eligibility criteria listed above.
  • They are diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). However, if they develop ESRD while a member of Senior Whole Health NHC (HMO SNP) they can stay in the program.
  • They are subject to a six (6)-month deductible period (spend-down).
  • They are a resident of an intermediate care facility for the intellectually disabled.
  • They are an inpatient in a chronic disease or rehabilitation hospital.
Your loved one may be eligible for other products offered by Senior Whole Health. Click here to learn more about our other products.

Find out more. Call us today at 1-888-566-3526 toll free (TTY 711).

Last Updated 10/11/2019