City of Boston, SWH & Enterprise Farm Bring Fresh Organic Produce to Boston Seniors at Home

Boston seniors living in Dorchester's Lower Mills and Peabody‐Englewood Apartments and Mattapan's Hassan Buildings are eligible to receive free organic produce delivered directly to their door courtesy of a new collaboration between the City of Boston, Senior Whole Health and Enterprise Farm.

Beginning December 7, 2010 through May 17, 2011, Enterprise Farm will deliver farm shares to the three senior housing buildings every Tuesday between 11:00 am and 1:00pm.

The "senior share" will provide enough produce for 1 to 2 people per week. The contents will vary seasonally and include potatoes, cabbage, beets, turnips, rutabagas, parsnips, carrots, onions, kale, collard greens, Swiss chard, sweet potatoes, citrus, apples, and other in‐ season specialty items. Wheatberries and barley will also be included. In addition, all senior members will receive a weekly newsletter from the farm with news and recipes for each week's box.

Enterprise Farm will procure, package and deliver all the shares and Senior Whole Health will purchase the produce at a discounted rate.

"This is another important step in making sure all Bostonians have access to fresh fruits and vegetables," said Mayor Thomas M. Menino. "This program will provide seniors in 3 of Boston's senior public housing developments with the opportunity to have fresh produce that is both physically and economically accessible, while also potentially impacting their health and well being."

"Coupled with our prevention programs, this nutrition partnership enhances our mission of keeping our seniors healthy and independent. We believe providing fresh produce is particularly important during the winter months when seniors may have difficulty getting it themselves," said Senior Whole Health CEO John Baackes.

"This program reflects the true meaning of "farm to table," said David Jackson, owner of Enterprise Farm. "Focusing on getting local organic produce to people who would otherwise not have access is an amazing thing to be part of."

About Senior Whole Health

Since enrolling its first member in Massachusetts in 2004, Senior Whole Health (SWH) has led the way as an affordable and innovative health care plan for "dual‐eligibles" — people who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. Senior Whole Health is both an approved Medicare Special Needs Plan (SNP) and a Medicare Part D Plan. Available in Massachusetts and New York, Senior Whole Health provides members with better experiences through personal care management and comprehensive benefits.

Senior Whole Health's vision is to be a national leader in integrated health care that is simple, comprehensive, humane and respectful of its members. Its mission is to maximize members' quality of life, health, security and independence by offering a voluntary health care plan that's simple to join, provides security and peace of mind through support and advocacy, and helps members live as independently as possible through comprehensive, community‐based support and services.

About Enterprise Farm 

Enterprise Farm has been growing certified organic vegetables since 1983. Founding farmer, Dave Jackson, lives on‐site with his wife, Ainsley, and their three sons – Asa, Cal, and Beckett. Cultivating on several parcels of land in Whately, Northampton, and Hatfield, Enterprise Farm comprises of approximately 80 acres. Our Farm Share program (a C.S.A.) is unique in its year‐round operation. In the winter, we work with small, sustainable and organic farms up and down the east coast to put together our shares. Also, our membership supports a directive to improve food access in the larger community, a mission that we are proud to fulfill.