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NBA Champion Clifford Ray and Celebrity Doctor Janet Taylor Headline All-Star Week Events Sponsored by Senior Whole Health

NEW YORK, NY, Jan. 27, 2015 – Senior Whole Health of New York (SWH of NY), which provides health care to people eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, is hosting events during NBA All-Star week featuring two-time NBA champion Clifford Ray along with other NBA/WNBA players and celebrity doctor Janet Taylor to raise awareness about health issues like sickle cell anemia that affect people of color.

Ray, who won NBA championships as a player with the Golden State Warriors and as a coach for the Boston Celtics, and Taylor, a New York City psychiatrist who is a regular contributor to several national morning news shows, will lead the following events, which will both take place in Harlem on Wednesday, Feb. 11, and are open to members of the community:

• The Big Man Clinic, being held from 5 pm to 7 pm at the Frederick Douglass Academy Gymnasium at 2581 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard. The event, sponsored by SHW of NY and produced by Bridgilance Charity Services, is designed to raise awareness about the importance of the bone marrow registry in the fight against sickle-cell anemia and blood cancers, which disproportionately affect African-Americans and Latinos. Currently, fewer than one in three people of color find a matching bone marrow donor. Currently less than 1 in 3 people of color find a matching donor. Ray will lead a basketball clinic for students from the New York City Public Schools during which they and other attendees will volunteer swabs from each cheek to join the bone marrow donor registry. The athletes will learn how to lead their own swab drives in March and April. The goal of the event is to ultimately spur the swabbing of 5,000 people. More information about the clinic can be found www.bigmanclinic.com and bridgilance.org

• A health and wellness event for seniors from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm at the Central Harlem Senior Citizens Center at 34 West 134th Street. At this event, Taylor will address issues of concern to seniors and their caregivers, including the importance of living independently at home, identifying the right time to seek home care, and health care resources and options available to seniors. Ray will also attend this event.

"It would be impossible to find anyone better than Cliff Ray and Dr. Taylor to help us engage the people and communities we serve in their own health care," said David Kleinhanzl, President of Senior Whole Health of New York. "Their professional credentials and ability to connect with people will make these events a success in raising awareness about health issues for people of color."

"These events reflect Senior Whole Health's knowledge of, and commitment to, the communities they serve," said Ray, himself a two-time cancer survivor. "They understand the health issues facing their members and find ways, like All-Star week in New York, to engage them and their entire communities in getting and staying healthy."

"This is just the kind of creative integration that can make a real difference in the lives of individuals and the health of whole communities," said Taylor. "With a singular focus on underserved communities, Senior Whole Health understands their members and knows exactly how to keep them healthy."

Senior Whole Health is a national leader in providing affordable, innovative healthcare for "dual-eligibles" — individuals over 65 who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. In New York, Senior Whole Health offers three different plans, which are available in Bronx, Queens, Kings and New York counties. They are the Medicaid Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) Plan, which provides care, services and assistance with daily activities to Medicaid-eligible adults 21 years or older who are also eligible for long term care; the Medicare Advantage (HMO SNP) Medicaid Advantage PLUS — NHC Plan, a comprehensive Medicare Advantage Medicaid Advantage PLUS health plan for seniors 65 or older who are eligible for long term care and have both Medicare and Medicaid; and the SWH Whole Health FIDA Plan, a new type of managed care plan for people who have both Medicare and Medicaid who require community or facility based Long-term services and supports (LTSS).

Since enrolling its first member in 2004, Senior Whole Health has led the way as an affordable and innovative health care plan for "dual-eligibles" -- people who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. Senior Whole Health is both an approved Medicare Special Needs Plan (SNP) and a Medicare Part D Plan. Available in Massachusetts and New York, Senior Whole Health provides one-stop, all-inclusive, patient-centered care. Senior Whole Health's mission is to maximize our members' quality of life, health, security and independence by offering a voluntary health care plan that's simple to join, provides security and peace of mind through support and advocacy, and helps members live as independently as possible through comprehensive, community-based support and services.

Bridgilance is designed to help organizations connect with underserved communities to address causes that impact them most. The charity helps bridge communication gaps for a variety of challenges so people that suffer disproportionately can be better served. Bridgilance will make an impact on issues in health, career development and education by customizing sports programs that truly speak the language of those we hope to help.

Clifford Ray is a two-time cancer survivor and two-time NBA Champion – as a player with the Golden State Warriors in '75 and as a coach with the Celtics in '08. In addition to coaching the Celtics "Bigs" from 2005-2010, Ray worked for the Orlando Magic, New Jersey Nets, Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks. Ray is recognized as the "Big Man Whisperer" in NBA circles. Among the many players he's coached are Kevin Garnett, Danny Fortson, Carlos Boozer, Troy Murphy and Erick Dampier. He also has worked closely with DeMarcus Cousins and Dwight Howard.

Dr. Janet Taylor is a Community Psychiatrist in New York City. She received a Master's of Public Health in Health Promotion/Disease Prevention from Columbia University. She was a recipient of the 2008 Woman in Medicine Award (National Medical Association-Council of Women's Concerns). She is a frequent speaker on the subjects of minority health, stress management, parenting and work-life balance. She is a frequent contributor to CBS's "This Morning," and NBC's "The Today Show" and Good Morning America on issues of motherhood and parenting. She's also regularly featured on CNN, MSNBC and ABC.com's regular webcast "Moms Get Real". She also writes a column in Family Circle Magazine titled, "Ask Dr. Janet".

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